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☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆

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hahaha hi [Jul. 16th, 2015|03:02 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
[Current Mood |peacefulpeaceful]

Every time I write in this thing I apologize for not writing in it.

So fuck that, I'll write when I wanna.

New stuff, let's see....

I had to take my nipple piercings out. It's been over a year and it still hasn't healed, and jon said I needed to take them out and repierce them when they're better. Which is what I'm doing. It feels weird to not have them anymore.

I'm walking most days, at least a mile, to try to lose some weight. Jon's bribing me with clothes and stuff.

I'm trying to start drawing again. I kind of haven't felt like it.

We're about to build a fence in the back yard for us and our tenants.

Ive started work on a comic but it's lapsed. I need to make the next page.

I'm reading up on Buddhism, and I think I might convert.

Still with Jon, still love him like woah. Been with him longer than any man ever. We're almost up to 6 years :)

Maddy's eight.  I dont know how to handle this.

I'm sorry i havent spoken to you guys much. I miss you I really do. i miss the community here. It used to be a lot more than it is now. I guess the world's moved on a bit :/ 
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2015|05:43 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
So I haven't been talking here much. To be honest there hasn't been much to say and most of my friends are on facebook and the ones i had here aren't here anymore, so that's where i talk. I tried to go back to deadjournal but the amount of drama between the owner and his ex girlfriend were so high i just really had to split from there.

And then I didnt'  want to journal for a while

So we have a renter next door but she's basically bailed on us. So we've got to get a new one starting june first. and we think we have one, but she hasn't answered me much either so I have another one that's coming to look at the place tomorrow.

And I've just been really stressed and I kind of feel like crying for a few days

But i'm also having some hormonal stuff going on so it could be that.

I dont know.

We've got a new dog and a hedge hog as well. Angela gave them to us when she and Bj moved.

And work has been super busy. Super.

Things aren't bad just stressful and hectic and I'm tired of everything lol.
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Things and lots and lots and things [Jan. 22nd, 2015|02:19 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
[Current Mood |Grateful]

I know I haven't said much guys lol sorry about that. I do go through periods of time where I"m just quiet. I know I don't seem it but I'm an introvert who learned how to act extroverted ages ago and while I still love to talk to people, I also know how much of a toll it can take on me if I DONT take secluded breaks and recharge my social batteries.

For that matter I haven't really had much to write. We had some people who were talking about being tenants and they were going to come up last week to see the place but they messaged me to let me know that thier finances didn't allow it and they'd have to wait for Feb. I was somewhat wary after that but told them that though I wouldn't hold the apartment for them, they were welcome to come up if I still hadn't rented it to them by then. I was really disappointed. On paper they'd seemed to be the perfect older couple tenants but I really also can't wait around till next month only to hear "we've overextended ourselves" that month again and wait around another...

Anyway we're friends so it's probably better I not rent to them. Though they're still an option if things go south. Anyway last night my mother called me. She was over at the preacher's house and his wife, Angela, had a woman they wanted us to rent to, with promises that she spoke for the woman and if S(name redacted) couldn't pay her rent, the parsonage would pay it till she could, but that she needed a place to go with people who wouldnt treat her badly. I dont think I've ever said no to Angela; I like her, and I don't say that often about religious folk. I hate to admit it but I judge any person who strongly follows any religion very harshly. We all have our prejudices. That's mine. Anyway Angela's still pretty awesome as is her husband. If I ever wanted to go back to church I'd go specifically because of them. I know you guys dont know me but that's a powerful statement to make given how much anxiety and general bad will I hold toward organized religion.

So like in about an hour they're supposed to come over and view the apartment and from what angela said she's got 3 kids which might be a tight squeeze. I dunno. We'll see. if One of them is fine with sharing a room or something it'll be fine. I think. Or if she gives 2 of the kids the master bedroom that'd work. BUT The kids right now are staying with someone else so I dunno if they're even going to move back in. I mean angela knows how big the apartment is, and that it's a 3 bedroom so I'm assuming they've already taken that into account.

Anyway when Samantha gets here I'll let her know that we need someone who isnt going to move right back out again. And Ive still got to get a lease up though I'm pretty sure sherryl will let me use his. It was a pretty good airtight one.


Jon leaves tomorrow to go see his dad. I know i touched on that last night but I'm very sad. I Knoooow it's going to be good for us and blablabla, but seriously I just I really don't want him to go. I want there to be a freak blizzard that keeps the planes grounded. I want that so bad.

Jon's like the only person I feel that way about that's still around me. I love him to death and I hate the thought of being in this house all alone. But ti's just a short time. We'll endure. And hopefully he'll have a lot of fun with his dad.

Um. Ummm.


We got 2 new goldfish. well, Koi. but we want them to get big because jon wants to make a koi pond outside in like a year so. They're gorgeous fish. But dumb. One got trapped under some java moss and we thought he was dead. he's fine, just dumb. We named that one after our dumb-pit bull and the other one is small and scrappy so we named it after our other dog. So Dahlia and Oswald now have Dahli-tee and Mer-Wald.


I had to have a talk with maddy about trash-talking during video games. I told her she cant' keep telling people they're horrible at sonic (especially her mother) because that's unkind and it's important to encourage the people that she loves not discourage. She seemed to get it. Which was good because It's bad enough that she beats me at sonic, I just refuse to be told how much I suck by an eight year old.

I guess that's it. I think that's everything. I'm all caught up. Wheee. I'll let you guys know how the whole tenancy goes.
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stuff :D [Jan. 14th, 2015|03:32 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
Yesterday was great. Jon and I tracked down a 75 gallon fish tank in Conway, so we drove a good 3-4 hours total to pick it up. The owner of the tank had a -gigantic- 1+ft pleco that he let us have. We've named him Pickles. We got a =ton= of stuff from him for 200 dollars.

So we came home, set everything up. Jon decided to take out the rocks and add sand to the bottom so he can buy an eartheater to go with our angels and Pickles. Our tank looks woefully understocked now, but Jon'll fix that eventually :) I told him we need a school of something in there. I"m trying to talk him into getting some mollies. We've got one lone survivor from our molly clan left. I'm pretty sure the angels kept eating the babies, but hey...that kind of keeps populations down which is good.

We also moved my two little goldfish (goldie and tiger) to the thirty gallon tank the other fish HAD been inhabiting. They've been playing in the bubbles ever since. So happy :D And I think I"ll move my betta into the ten gallon and put -that- in the bedroom.

Aside from that I'm cautiously optimistic about having these people move in next door. Warren was all for it but he said he might not have the money to come up and see the place next week. I told him it was no rush regardless. I mean it's not like we own the place yet. But he still wants to move. So we'll see what happens. He said he'd go through the funds and get back to me.

Anyway. it's been a good couple days off. I LOVE taking trips with Jon. When he's driving it's loads of fun :) We've never gotten lost, oddly enough, but I'm pretty sure even if we did it'd just be a laugh till we found our way home. There are few people I have a consistently good time with, and Jon is one of them. I think it's one of the reasons we've lasted for so long together.

Anyway sorry about having been so quiet lately lol. ive been a busy girl :) i hope you guys are having a good week yourselves. Huge hippy hugs!
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More talkies! [Jan. 7th, 2015|01:38 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

I've been waiting for this new laptop keyboard all week. It was really hard to use my other one with the space bar stuck and no N key, and the usb keyboard i was using in its' place was nice, but I had to sit my laptop too far away for my extremely nearsighted eyes.  This is MUCH better.
So guys you know how I was saying that I might be able to buy this duplex? Well I put up a listing on facebook and I had several offers for the other side. The one that I'm following through on at the moment seems -perfect- for us.  It's an older couple, really nice man and woman that are both retired and both very soon going to need a new place to stay since their old place is shutting down.  They can handle the rent, they want to be here for the long haul (which is REALLY important to jon and I because we can't deal with people moving in and out constantly. we need someone who can stick around for a good long time, at least long enough for us to build up an emergency fund)
I talked to them last night on the phone (well the husband at least) and we ran through the numbers. They can easily afford this place and they're coming down in 2 weeks from texas (or up, if you're technical) to see the place and talk to us in person.  Which gives me time to read through a few lease agreements online and pick one I like. I'm asking for a ref from their current apt manager and 3 months of their income. I really don't know what else to ask for but i'm looking around.
I've known the husband for a while and he's always been very forthright, and he's very excited about this prospect so I think this is going to work out fine. :)
I'm excited guys. Trying to not be TOO excited but excited :)
There are other things going our way too; jon found an aquarium he wants within the price range we want. very new looking, lovely thing. He's going to be able to pick it up next week.
The only thing negative is my cousin was going to look after our dog while we went to washington and now he's maybe not going to be able to do that. which sucks because if I dont find someone who can stay here with the dogs for a week, I"ll be staying behind while jon goes to see his father. Ive never been away from him for a whole week before.
Anyway i guess that's it. Big hugs :D
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OMG GUYS [Jan. 5th, 2015|05:15 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
So much has happened today guys I dont even.

Okay so


The thing with the knickers. Then I exercised.

Then Jon comes home and tells me that he's talked to our landlord about renting to own a house right? We currently live in a duplex he created for seven hundred dollars a month. The other side is currently unrented and he's losing money BECAUSE he's asking for about 6-700 a month for it. No one around here wants to pay that. Jon and I are because we didnt have a choice. I needed to stay close to maddy plus I have pets and it's hard to find a place to live with the number of animals we have. PLUS it's a REALLY nice apartment. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, very modern. VERY nice.

Anyway. ANYWAY.


He tells jon that right now he's paying 789 monthly for the whole thing, plus 1600 for taxes/insurance a year. He says if we can take over payments we can have it. He also says he can wait for us to start paying till we get a tenant next door.

Which. Guys. If I rent the place for 450-500 a month, I can do this shit.

I can.

Well Jon and I can.

You know what i mean.

WE CAN DO THIS SHIT. We'd be home owners. And landlords. AND eventually once the place wasnt commercial anymore and the former tenants moved out, we could turn this place into a bigass house for ourselves.

I just

I cant


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In which I talk your ear off about fish and a little about turtles [Dec. 16th, 2014|03:20 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
[Tags|, , , , ]
[Current Location |United States, Arkansas, Letona]
[Current Mood |nerdynerdy]

Jon's making apple pancakes. He was going to surprise me with them but the very loud rhythmatical sound of him chopping granny smiths woke me up. Yes, I know it's around 3pm right now...I may or may not have stayed up all night playing Skyrim. (Hint: I totally stayed up till seven thirty playing skyrim.)
I havent been sleeping well at night. I'm going to have to change my sleep patterns.
I got my betta, Fin Diesel, a leaf on a suction cup and a sinking log for him to bask on and swim through. He seems to love them. I really want to overhaul his tank a little an get some gravel in there. I'm not a fan of the clear rocks that came with his kit. I also need to get him a flaring mirror for exercise.
We may or may not spoil fish in this house.
Speaking of when Jon thaws some blood worms (metal name) I need to make sure he gives Fin one or two. Bettas have tiny stomachs but too muh blood worm can make them fat. haha.
I woke up just in time for him to swim to his basking leaf and settle on top of it, sticking his face out of the water for a gulp of air. Unlike most other fish, bettas have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air which is why they do ok in shallow pools of water or those little cups you see them in at fish stores. They're not -great- in those (What fish doesnt want to swim after all?) but they do ok. Right now he's in a 3 gallon which he loves. When the other fish get an upgrade to their tanks (hopefully after christmas when we have xmas money) we'll move him to the ten gallon, the goldfish will go to the fifty gallon, we'll put the turtles in the turtle habitat we're going to make out of a turtle shaped sandbox, and the angel fish will head into a 75 gallon if we find one for sale on craigs list that we like
Apparently my journal is a fish novel today. I'm sorry to anyone who came here looking for angstyangst. Well...I was grumpy when i woke up 3 hours ago to wake up jon because he'd slept all day and i wanted the whole bed to myself >.>
What Was I saying?
Right. Fin likes his basking leaf. Bettas like to flop near the surface of whatever tank their in, and it's better to have long tanks rather than deep ones because with their long fins they prefer to not have to work too hard to get to the top. Also some of them can feel overwhelmed if their space is too big and one hasnt provided them with ample places to skulk and hide.
What else what else?
Well Jon gave Dapple and Bazil a couple apple cores with some meat still on them. Dapple is snapping at them like a raptor and chowing down. Very happy turtle. Bazil's a very shy boy but I think dapple likes to remind us that her ancestors may or may not have been dinosaurs. I get hauty-glared at with a full neck extension from her all the time. If she was huge she'd be a majestic steed for a pandaren. >.>
She's giving me a look right now. She's right. There's no way she'd let some fat bear ride on her back.
Imma back slowly away over here.
Anyway that's the start of my day. Sorry it was uninteresting! See ya guys!
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Hi guys [Jul. 24th, 2014|01:38 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

I feel like I've let you all down. I don't post in this thing nearly enough. It's not that I don't want to, I just find it hard to articulate what's going on in my life.  In all honesty there's a lot that's the same but other things have changed drastically.

Zack moved out and next door because he needed some space and we got another roommate I work with named Cindy. She's a nice girl but she talks more than a parrot with just about as much sensibility. She's not a bad person, so please don't mistake what I say, but she's frustrating and kind of ditzy and I feel myself turning into my father every single time we talk. (My father was eternally frustrated by everyone around him when I was growing up, a product of being a man who sees simple ways to solve problems that apparently everyone else overlooks)

Anyway she's bringing a boyfriend back here this week and hopefully it'll give her a chance to...you know...not bother me for the week that he's here. That'll be nice. I can't handle all the words. She has to play-by-play getting glasses of water. I don't even think she's speaking to me in particular but she speaks AT me a lot and it gets annoying.

Jon took some stuff and had a really bad trip from it about a month ago. He was dumb and didn't tell me he was going to take anything, and it was new, and it screwed with his head, and I didnt KNOW he had taken anything. He was yelling he was in pain and I took him at his word and called zack over to look at him. We ended up taking him to the hospital in an ambulance and it was terrifying. I've banned all drug use in the house for now. Maybe forever. I don't know. I do know that I can't ever go through that again. I dont' think he understands how scared I was but he's at least been wise enough to not push the issue. He was pretty freaked out anyway.

Aside from that, Ive decided to make changes I've always wanted to make in the way I look and I"m not regretting that even a little.  Ive dyed my hair pink and cut it short. I'm working on stretching my ear lobes to a few sizes bigger than they are now. I havent decided where i want to stop but yeah.

Also I've got my nipples pierced and I'm going to get some other piercings, probably labret, septum, eyebrow, and tongue. And also, Jon and I have decided to get a couples' tattoo soon. We've been together five years, and it'll be six in November and...we just want to commemorate that. So he's getting a bee and i'm getting a flower. I think he's as excited at the concept as I am. We spent all night last night looking through bee and flower tattoos. It's not a traditional couple's tattoo but we both think that's a good thing because getting names or whatever tattoo'd on you pretty much is a kiss of death to that relationship. This at least is kind of like we are. It's a tattoo of devotion but it's not an over the top and in your face declaration of true love forever. Even though that's precisely what it's going to symbolize.

Anyway so, We were laying in bed last night after all the tattoo looking, and he fell asleep and I just kind of looked over at him and had to kiss his forehead. He's changed physically in these five years (As have I) but I still love him. And I was kind of struck in that moment by just how -much- I love him.  It was such a hard strike that it felt physical for a moment. I can't see my life without him.  I'm truly blessed with him. I really am.

My mom's got a new preacher named BJ Wright and his wife Angela's the one who did my hair. She's very awesome, one of the few people in this world I can say I connect with, and it makes me super happy she's in this town. Her kids hang with Madison which is great, and She and BJ are a lot like jon and me. They love animals and fish in particular. They're fun, they're a load of laughs and she gets me.   I don't know a lot of people in this world who get me. So I'm excited in some ways, especially that she doesn't/didn't take my standoffishness personally at first. IT takes me a while to be comfortable around people especially people who belong to an organized religion. It's not THEIR fault and I said as much as that. I have my hangups about christianity and the people who tend to choose that religion (or any religion really but that one in particular because my own personal anxieties stem so much from it) that it takes me a little bit to get over that prejudice.

Anyway that's pretty much what's going on right now. I'm so so sorry i dont write here much and I'll fully admit it might be a while before i do it again.  But that's just because i'm a flighty person. >.>
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Hi guys [Jun. 7th, 2014|03:07 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
[Current Location |United States,AR,Letona]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

So Okay.

I started a facebook group for artists to showcase their art/commissions/what have you.


so feel free to come by and show off what you can do.

Lately I've been more into art and less into writing. But then I got on a HUGE roleplaying kick and ive got a few games open.

But I'm still arting. In fact Ive started up with a new fursona that I love so hard.  I've embraced my inner sparkle dog. I can't help it. It kind of fits my whole hippie, life is good, love everyone philosophy

I've also got a new roommate who talks a HELLA lot. Like I think she's been cross bred with a parrot. For the first few days I literally was going to lose my mind. I just couldn't take it. But it's getting better, easier to deal with and truthfully she's good to have around. She contributes more than i'm used to. And she cooks. And frankly she's good to be around. I just have to get used to all the yakyakyak.

Aside from that, things are good. I mean those thing are good too but like

I had eye surgery a few weeks ago and my double vision is pretty much gone, and with it a lot of my headaches are nill too.  Not all of them obviously but hey, better than nothing.

I'm on medicaid so i can actually get shit taken care of it when it comes up instead of being half dead and hoping to god eventually I can make it to a doctor's.

I'm still with jon and things are still going swimmingly.  We lost power and internet last night so to keep working cindy and i went to a hotel. Jon went for a bit but came home to sleep and we chatted online like we used to. That was loads of fun for some reason. Nostalgia lol.

Oswald and Dahlia are getting used to Cindy's dog, a little chihuahua thingy, which gives me  hope in that regard.

That's pretty much it really.

I'm sorry guys I know I dont talk much. I just, sometimes i forget to share. I love you guys though. 
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Excite [Apr. 14th, 2014|02:19 pm]
☆ Phoebe Coyote ☆
As of tomorrow i'll have roughly six hundred extra dollars in my pocket as someone's coming to drag off my old white car and pay me for it. And then I can get some new eyeglasses as mine have literally today collapsed in an unfixable manner.

Also i am in an INCREDIBLY good mood today omg.

Anyway back to work. Big kisses <3
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